The Kink Lab – Naughty & Nyt

In this play lab (not “work” – “shop”), you will learn the basic guiding principles within BDSM, the skills and the attitude behind the play. From these building blocks, you will be able to continue your exploration, expanding your knowledge at your own pace to find your unique style.
Domination and submission is an energy exchange, a dance where power is the rhythm. And as with any skill, ease and grace comes from learning the foundations, the structure and the styles… and then practice, practice, practice!

This play lab aims for 50% theory and 50% physical participation. Participants will be guided in sensation play, spanking and light impact play exercises. They will also have the opportunity to share their experience in small groups and ask practical questions about BDSM and kink. For those who have attended The Kink Lab in previous festivals, remember: Practice makes perfect! These 3 hours are packed with information, and repetition helps create a stronger imprint in you.

Couples or singles are welcome. Single participants will be paired up and take turns in leading and surrendering. This is a laboratory of touch, where we will explore body sensations and sensuality with an open mind. Kink is not “FORE-play”, it is simply play. It CAN but does NOT have to lead to erotic arousal. You can go as far as it is comfortable for you.

We welcome newbies and kink veterans, all genders and sexual orientations.

What to bring & wear:
-Bottle of water
-Any questions you may have about BDSM & fetish.
-whip / crop / flogger or other kinky toy you might have
-If you don’t own any toys yet, there will be some available for practice at the workshop.
-Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, confident and sensual. This is not a dress code. It’s to inspire your mindset for the class.
-Swimwear or undergarments

Kalyss Mercury
Head Mistress
KInk Tuition
Ordinær Billett
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