Marit Östberg

Marit Östberg Foto: Tony-Karat

Marit Östberg is an award-winning filmmaker. She is writing, directing and producing short films and documentaries. When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere is her first feature film.
Östberg is a part of a queer feminist porn scene that has evolved in Europe in the last decades. Since debuting as a film director in the acclaimed feminist porn compilation Dirty Diaries her films have been featured and discussed at various festivals all over the world. Her work has been shown in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sidney, Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Sarajevo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna and many other places.

2021 she received the PorYes – Feminist Porn Award!

Östberg has a background as a writer, journalist and activist. She sees porn as a creative way of working with sexual politics, wanting to expand the possibilities of being in the world. She says: “When women, trans* and queers take their sexuality into their own hands, patriarchy is lost.”

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