Workshop: Empower yourself with boundaries and consent – FULL!

Nov 16, 2019



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Do you desire to be seen, respected and feeling safe in your intimate relations?
Do you want more pleasure in your daily life, but perhaps have difficulty knowing if you are being true to your own needs and lusts?
Are you satisfying your partner(s) only because you think you should or have to, and not getting your own needs fulfilled?

Knowing your own boundaries can help you expand your relationships, sex life, connection, playfulness and in all other areas of life. In this workshop we will take you on a journey of starting to really know yourself and your desires. When we really get to know what our deepest desires are, that we are worthy of them and that we are able to clearly express them and create safety for that ourselves, then nearly anything is possible.

  • Erika Sophie Hvass & Line Garborg