Workshop: Biodanza – A path towards pleasure in life – FULL

Nov 16, 2019



1,5 t

Welcome to dance Biodanza! An invitation to add more pleasure to life, developing a sensual relation with life itself, enjoying its many pleasures. We will dance together, play, connect, expand our sensory awareness, feel our bodies as a source of pleasure, awakening desire, playing with seduction, connecting and expressing our true shiny nature as sexual beings.

What to expect:
• A joyful, welcoming and safe space
• A lot of playfulness and light hearted fun
• Great music (e.g. juicy samba, sensual bossa nova, vibrant latin music, soft sax music) awakening joy and pleasure, and our innate capacity to move in a natural, pleasurable way
• Creative dances inviting to self-expression and non-verbal communication
• A reminder of the importance of establishing healthy boundaries
• Deep, authentic connection with other human beings

  • Grazia Lombardi