When I masturbate

Nov 16, 2019



40 min

When I Masturbate – an activist platform – a space for pleasure The person behind the project is Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir from Iceland. Íris is an artist and curator interested in sexual behaviour. In her practice she has been focused on women and their pleasures, taboos, shame and desires. The masturbation is a central point in Iris’s practice. She has collected and published masturbation stories from women (female identifying people) and held story circles where stories surrounding the topic are being told.

«By sharing we open up and we learn and we create an understanding between us which eventually leads to a better world. This is why I chose the soft and caring way of approaching the topic because it has so much shame and violence surrounding it.»

At the NYT festival she will share with the audience her insights to the world of female masturbation and her method of collecting and sharing stories as well as play a masturbation song that was made for her show When I Masturbate, the story circles.

  • Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir

    When I Masturbate