Rope bondage Andy Buru

We welcome you to an amazing and playful weekend with Andy Buru and his teachings! 🕺🏻💃

«My work aim to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow.» Andy Buru

«One should be humble and have humour; anyone that has to assert their power with violence doesn’t own it.» Andy Buru

Andy Buru is worldwide known for his soft and sensitive tantric rope tecnique, and has been several times in Norway via Nytfestivalen, holding weekend retreats focusing on bondage.

NOTE! The focus is NOT on learning the ropes, but on the POWER-PLAY that happens between the two individuals involved. There will be some other tools, but focus is learning to FEEL the ongoing game between the partners.

Friday we get to know each other and focus on bounderies and consent. Saturday we will be doing instructed power-play exercises the whole day, both dominating and surrendering to each other. The exercises have a soft and conscious approach. We mostly pair up two and two, switching partners and genders frequently throughout the weekend. Also some exercises are in small groups. Saturday we end the day with free flow play of what we have learned (IF you want), and on Sunday we continue exercises, with focus on integration work.

This weekend retreat fits both beginners and more experienced. It’s for people who want to explore how it feels to be in power of leading&dominating, as well as feeling surrender&submitting to another.

Beginners require almost zero previous experience or practical knowledge. You don’t have to know beforehand what you like and don’t like. You need no desires or fantasies. Instead, the teaching style will provide you with a number of experiences to try out, of which some you might love and others you might hate.

You are welcome with a partner, lover, friend or you can come solo (most people do). Some of the exercises can be in trios so if you come as a duo not wanting to switch partners within the weekend, it’s good to have talked about that beforehand.

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