Permission to Play.

Permission to play

Releasing shame and opening up to your sensuality.

In this safe and confidential space, you will learn to rekindle desire, explore ways to connect to your playful self, and uncover the practices, myths and beliefs that may have been blocking access to your sensual pleasure. You will receive a series of tools and exercises to practise in your own time, at your own pace. This will give you the foundation for opening up to your sensuality and erotic intelligence.

Whether you are partnered or solo, you are welcome as you are.

Artist, Sex Therapist and Intimacy Coach
Lexie Koren is an Artist, Sex Therapist and Intimacy Coach who works with Creative Entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck and struggling with confidence. She helps them find their voice and restore their ability to play so that they can step into their power and walk their path confidently with passion and purpose.
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